Creating Network Diagrams using PyVis

Creating Network Diagrams using PyVis

Recently I was working with large precedence networks, performing critical path analysis and finding node successors. I wanted to visualize the network and started learning about the PyVis Library in Python.

It is a pretty easy to use and creates interactive network diagrams.

I created a visual from the Kaggle Marvel Character Social Network dataset which shows the relationships between all the Marvel Characters. The one downside to the visuals created with PyVis is that the larger models can take some time to load on the screen. In this example I had to subset the data to just 3 characters.

But the diagrams are interactive and move based on customizable physics.

I also created a smaller diagram to show the relationship between different skills that I have learned.

You can interact with the diagram at this location here. I was able to customize the size, color, edge colors, labels.

Check out the PyVis tutorial for more.